Olga Kovaleva, vice supervisor of the Russian Federation Zvezdostella Mission to the Magellanic Clouds

May 15th 2005

“… and now a few words about one of the most important members of the intergalactic expedition, Nikolaj Osinin. He will not be able to participate in the everyday life of the mission. He has his own mission: to remain young and fit until the spaceship Zvezdostella reaches the Magellanic Clouds, to perform his tasks upon arrival then pilot the ship back to the Milky Way and finally to Earth. He’ll spend the next 20 years in a cryogenic box. But he will be with us. His brain activity will be monitored by the Central Mission Computer. In due course Nikolaj’s cranium will be stablized at the -20°C mark and data transmission to the Bajkanur server will be initiated and fed immediately via the Internet to Nikolaj’s personal blog.”

Nikolaj Osinin: “I won’t be with you, but my thoughts will be!”
Nikolaj’s personal blog
Activated on September 24th 2005